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The Eurodance Video
Nothing but you Video


Price you Pay Video
Healing Hands Video
Vanotek Cha Video
Bloodstone Video
Familiar Video
Capital Letters Video
Walk in the Night Video
Sleep Walk with me Video


Clap clap clap Video
Haus of Cards Video
Roll Video
Oops Baby Video
Tell it to my heart Video
Midnight Waltz Video
If it ain´t broke Video
Shady Video
Italiano Video
Handclap Video
Pom Poms Video
Rated R Video
Dear Friend Video
Grow up Video
Dy Na Mite Video
Bush Party Video
Shape of you Video
Way down we go Video
Skin Video
No Roots Video
The Violin Video
Gangsta Walk Video
Perfect Video
Run me like a River Video
Be Mine Cha Video
Clap Snap Video
SGS (Slowly, Gently, Softly Video
Strip that down Video
Feel it still Video
Whiskey Tango Video
Wandering Hearts Video


Love is like Video
Adrenaline Rush Video
The Queen Video
Second Hand Heart Video
Bring down the House Video
Reality Video
Catch & Release Video
Ex’s and Oh’s Video
Slamming Doors Video
Rock this Factor Video
Try me Video
Cliché Love Song Video
Lay It all On Me Video
Better when I´m dancing Video
Ain ́t Misbehaving Video
Strip it down Video
We wanna dance Video
Hit the Base Video
Hard Work Video
Stand by you Video
Restless Heart Video
Overloading Video
Adorable Video
Save the Day Video
Promised Video
Deeply completley Video
Cake by the Ocean Video
Todos Video
Corazon Diamante Video
Beneath at all Video
Quicksand Video
Don´t be so shy Video
Lone Ranger Video
Mira Sofia Video
Manjaro Video
Sexy Night Video
Diva Video
So just Dance Dance Dance Video
Never ever go away Video
Back in my Life Video
Take me to the River Video
Human after all Video
On Fire Video
My middle Name Video
Lemonade Video
Life of the Party Video
Pieces Video
Twisted Sister Video
Walk of Shame Video


Crazy Lady
Walking on Air Video
Cheesecake Video
Will you marry me? Video
Superheroes Video
Old beach Roller coaster Video
Up Video
The other Side Video
Firelight Video
Shake it off Video
Dear future husband Video
We only live once Video
Shades of Passion Video
Highway 12 (Partner) Video
Cheerio Video
That´s Up Video
Chicago Bonfire Video
Sundown Serenade (Partner) Video
Ring my Bells Video
Suite 215! Video
Through the Fire Video
Traveling Gypsy (Partner) Video
Tell the World Video
Like a Phoenix Video
Darling hold my Hand Video
Wonder Train Video
Skip the Line (Workshop vom 18.07.2015) Video
If you are Video
Alvaro Video
Your Place or mine Video
Tag on Video
Tribal Heartbeat Video
Jump the Gun Video
Modern Romance Video
Black Magic Video
Let it Rain (Workshop Prora 19.09.2015) Video
Dime Store Cowgirl (Workshop Prora 19.09.2015) Video
Roads Video
WTF (What the France) Video
Once upon a December Video
No Trouble Video
Break me up Video
Photograph Video
Rolling down under Video
Head in the Sky Video
That´s the only Way Video
Twist & Turns Video
We get one shot Video
Girl Crush Video
In Trance Video
Written in Scars Video
Tough Love Video
Fish or Kiss (Workshop vom 20.12.2015) Video
Up in Flames (Workshop vom 20.12.2015) Video


Soda Pop Video
Long distance love Video
Counting Stars Video
Don´t wake me up Video
Bonfire Heart Video
So wake me up Video
Fly High Video
Somewhere in my car Video
Dear Darlin´ Video
Run Boy Run Video
Walk alone Video
Clap Happy! Video
New York 2 LA Video
Rainmaker Video
In my heart Video
Celtic Heartbeat
Raggle Taggle Gipsy O
Tears on a Highway Video
Alcazar Video
The Boat to Liverpool Video
It looks like Pain Video
Stripes Video
Gonna B good Video
A Liquid Lunch Video
Rather be Video
Ritmo Video
A little bit gipsy Video
Stelar´s all Night Video
Streets of Mexico Video
Got my Baby back Video
Shotgun Mambo Video
Angel in Blue Jeans Video
A woman like you Video
Easy Cha Cha Video
Say Geronimo Video
All about that Booty Video
We are fallen Video
Diamonds & Dust Video
Ghost Video
Crocodile Roll (Workshop vom 21.12.2014) Video
When the Diamonds fall Video


Black Heart Video
La Llama Video
Right about now Video
Some Nights Video
Stay Stay Stay (Workshop vom 26.01.2013) Video
Backtrack Video
The Belle of Liverpool (Workshop vom 02.02.2013) Video
Your Love Video
Troublemaker Video
Billy Boy PD Video
Cowboy Mambo PD Video
Wagon Wheel Rock (Workshop vom 16.03.2013) Video
His only need Video
Jump Video
The Storm Video
Reflection Video
Boys will be Boys Video
Tango de Pasion Video
Dancing with cupid Video
Throw away the Key Video
Bruises Video
With these Eyes Video
Talk is cheap Video
Land of Dreams Video
2 Galway Girls Video
Celtic Teardrops Video
Dance of Love Video
Skiffle Time Video
EZ Walk like Rihanna (Workshop vom 17.07.2013) Video
Tennessee Waltz surprise (Workshop vom 17.07.2013) Video
Wild Love Video
It´s your Time Video
Blurred Lines Video
WOW Tokyo Video
Follow your Arrow ( Workshop vom 21.09.2013) Video
Don´t disturb me Video
Wings (Workshop vom 05.10.2013) Video
Let her go Video
50 Ways Video
Silver Lining Video
Brand new Day Video
My first Love Video
Hey Brother Video
Pride in me Video


Alabama Slammin´ Video
We own the Night Video
The Twist (Workshop vom 21.01.2012) Video
Devotion Video
La Luna Video
Kiss me, kiss me (Workshop vom 11.02.2012) Video
Make this Day Video
Domino Video
Tormorrow Video
Fire & Rain Video
Watch me now Video
Texas Hero Video
I saw Linda yesterday (Workshop 14.04.2012) No goodbyes
Dance with me tonight No goodbyes
Drive by (Workshop vom 21.04.2012) No goodbyes
I´m in Love No goodbyes
1929 No goodbyes
I wll dance No goodbyes
Rolling in the Deep No goodbyes
Open Heart Cowboy No goodbyes
Don´t gimme that No goodbyes
Rock Paper Scissors No goodbyes
Ah Si! (Workshop vom 18.07.2012)
Hotel Angel (Workshop vom 21.07.2012) No goodbyes
My life in the Sun (Workshop vom 25.07.2012) No goodbyes
Daisy Violin No goodbyes
Down in the Islands (Workshop vom 01.08.2012) No goodbyes
Eres One (Workshop vom 08.08.2012) No goodbyes
The Rush No goodbyes
Sweet Heidi (Workshop vom 15.08.2012) No goodbyes
Eagle Eye (Workshop vom 22.08.2012)
Half Past Nothin´ No goodbyes
The Gambler No goodbyes
Lookout No goodbyes
Zaleilah (Workshop vom 29.08.2012) No goodbyes
I believe, I believe, I believe No goodbyes
Tacata (Workshop vom 01.09.2012) No goodbyes
Gambling Man No goodbyes
Back in Time (112) No goodbyes
Care No goodbyes
African Vibe No goodbyes
Fiona after all No goodbyes
Move in the Right Direction No goodbyes
Friday Yet (Workshop vom 09.12.2012)
Honey Pie (Workshop vom 09.12.2012)
Black Heart No goodbyes
La Llama No goodbyes
Right about now No goodbyes
Some Nights No goodbyes


No Goodbyes No goodbyes
Better when together
The Rainbow (Workshop 29.01.2011)
Familiy and friends (Workshop Ingo u. Birgit 29.01.2011)
You´re amazing
Never say never
Hold my hand
Do your thing (Workshop vom 21.02.2011)
Make you sweat
Bing Bang Boom
Head over Heels
Blue Night Cha (Workshop vom 28.03.2011)
Af en Af
Don´t ask (Workshop von Peter 02.04.2011)
Don´t kill the DJ
Martini Moments
Something in the water (Workshop vom 30.04.2011)
Knee Deep (funky)
Shoes of another Man
Catch a Grenade
Pack up & tip toe
Little Cowgirl (Workshop vom 21.05.2011)
Spanish Lady
Jig about (Workshop Maggie Gallagher, Eilenburg, 11.06.2011)
Love Bucket (Workshop Maggie Gallagher, Eilenburg, 11.06.2011)
The Flute (Workshop Maggie Gallagher, Eilenburg, 11.06.2011)
Doin´ alrite
Danza Kuduro
Hip on the floor (Workshop vom 23.07.2011)
Hands up and Party (Schnupperkurs 27.07.2011)
She comes to me
Take U Home (Workshop vom 06.08.2011)
A little higher (Workshop vom 20.08.2011)
Bittersweet Memory
Shake the Bom Bom
Mini Mariana (Workshop vom 01.10.2011)
Breaking up
Strike 1
The Pearl (Workshop vom 11.10.2011)
Dr Flame
Cool Cool Kitty (Workshop vom 22.10.2011)
Bad Boy (Workshop vom 22.10.2011)
Wanna Dance (Workshop vom 22.10.2011)
Love Guarantee (Workshop vom 22.10.2011)
Louie´s Bolero (Workshop vom 22.10.2011)
Fake I. D . (Workshop vom 20.11.2011)
Out & Jump
My Pretty Belinda (Workshop 18.12.2011)


Shamrock Soup
What do you see
Heavy Cross
Sister Kate
Oklahoma Wind
Jesse James
Mary Mary
Broken heels
Playing with fire
Time to swing
Upside down
What about
Old 97
One Woman Man (TLSeminar 11.04.2010)
Why don´t we just dance (TLSeminar 11.04.2010)
Funky Cha Cha

Chica Boom Boom (Workshop Nicole 24.04.2010)

Boys will be Boys (Workshop Peter 24.04.2010)
Under the Sun
Quarter after One
Hanging out in Florida (Workshop 16.05.2010)
Smile (Workshop vom 18.05.2010)
Jamba Jump
Bobbi with an I (Workshop 21.05.2010 Richtershorn)
Snap on Monday
Hard Luck Woman PD
Rhyme or Reason
Irish Party (Workshop Pullmann City 03.07.2010)
Hey Soul Sister
Don´t let go (Workshop Spreewaldevent 2010)
Ten out of Ten
Where I belong
Pii Pii
Celtic Ct (Workshop vom 14.08.2010)
After five Stomp (Workshop vom 14.08.2010)
American Honey
We no speak Americano (Workshop vom 28.08.10)
Double Shot of Love
Crazy Devils
Catch me out!
Witchdoctor (Workshop vom 25.09.2010)
Stay the Night
Turn me loose
Slow Burn
The River flows (Workshop Richtershorn 13.11.2010)
Black Betty
Homeward Bound (Workshop 27.11.2010)
Knee Deep
Messy little Raindrops

Abbronzatissima(Workshop 25.12.2010)


Womanizer movie brandneu
Human Dancer movie brandneu
Rebel Heart (Workshop 16.02.2009) movie brandneu
I hate this Part movie brandneu
Make my day movie brandneu
Poker Face brandneu
Hot N Cold brandneu
Not Fair (Workshop von Peter 18.04.09) brandneu
Catch me if you can brandneu
Moonlight Kiss brandneu
Ready to go brandneu
Madiba Mambo brandneu
Fairytale (European Song Contest Winner 2009) brandneu
We believe (Workshop vom 18.05.2009) brandneu
Patient Heart
Toes brandneu
J Ho brandneu
Holding on to yesterday brandneu
Go Mama go brandneu
Forgive me brandneu
Cuckoo brandneu
It Hurts
I lied brandneu
Princess Love Cha (Workshop Lübben 18.07.2009) brandneu
Chicken Fried Stomp (Workshop Lübben 18.07.2009) brandneu
Jealousy (Workshop Lübben 18.07.2009) brandneu
In Control brandneu
Don´t you wish brandneu
Life without U brandneu
I run to you brandneu
Legend in my heart (Workshop aus Bulgarien)
Heaven in my Women´s Eyes (Workshop aus Bulgarien)
Walk back to me (Workshop aus Bulgarien) brandneu
Head Phones brandneu
La Secret brandneu
Speak with your heart brandneu
Louisiana Swing (Workshop von Peter 02.11.09) brandneu
Ay Amor brandneu
Thank you brandneu
No Matter brandneu
You and I brandneu
This & That
You belong with me brandneu
Little Gambling brandneu
Find a way (Workshop Hippologgia 2009) brandneu


Keep on dancing movie
Body to body celtic
Celtic Reel movie
East To west east to west
Silver Moon movie
CT Girl east to west
Dance like you´re the only one movie
Charanga movie
Love is a game movie
Love is free movie
Bleeding love movie
Temptation movie
Irish Spirit movie
Catch the rain movie
Crazy foot mambo movie
Our first love movie
Sea Salt Sally movie
Black and Gold movie
Saddle up shawty movie
Touch my body
Mercy movie
Devil´s Beat movie
Going back West movie
The Meaning of Love movie
Tonight I wanna cry movie
Until you movie
Are your Eyes still blue movie
1-2-3 Summertime movie
No one´s gonna stop me movie
Am I? movie
No Tricks movie
Amame movie
It Matters to me movie
Good Time movie
Kid Rock Alabama movie
Galway Girls movie
My last Name movie
My new life movie
Hideaway Cha movie
Tango Cha movie
Dreamin´ movie
This is the Life movie
Not like that neu
Gigolo a
Lollipop a
Heart of an angel a
Makes me wonder
Summer Fly
Is it so a
Pirates of the Caribbean a
Love Calls
Follow me home a
Ooh Miss Grace a
Pocket Kisses
Mandolin Dreams a
Mega Mambo a
Celebration a
Don´t let it end a
Show me wot U got a
Good to be gone a
This Time
Celebrity a
Into action
This woman needs a
Go with me
Don´t push me a
Old Tears a
Danzing! a
Jailhouse Creole a
Firecracker a
Ain´t got no money a